20-30 JULY 2020 · Bulgaria · ONLINE!

International Choral Festival "Together in XXIst century" at the Black Sea


Georgian music masterclass


During the festival  in Kamchia there will be open Georgian music workshops led by one of the best conductors of Georgia, Kakhaber Onashvili.


Kakhaber Onashvili was born in 1972 in Tbilisi. He graduated from the Musical Institute M. Balanchivadze and the State Conservatory V. Sarajishvili in Tbilisi in the department of choral conducting.


His professional career started in the 1990s as an actor and singer in N. Sulkhanishvili State Choral Chapel and as a teacher in Georgian folk students'palace. In the years 1999-2006 he was a soloist and singer of the Georgian National Song and Dance Ensemble "Rustavi". In 2008-2016 he was che choimaster of the Opera and Ballet Choir in Tbilisi "Suliko", and was the artistic director of the "Mccheta" Folk Group in 2010-2014.


The greatest love of Kahaber Onaszwili is the Boys' and Men's Choir "Mdzlevari" consisting of over 80 members, founded together with his father, the famous choirmaster Tariel Onashwili. Both Kakhaber and Tariel Onashvili promote Georgian folk music among the younger generation with great success for over 20 years. The "Mdzlevari" repertoire includes over 200 choral works (a cappella and accompanied by traditional Georgian instruments) from various regions of Georgia, in various styles and genres and complexity of chants. They also perform contemporary compositions, mostly by Georgian composers. The "Mdzlevari" choir is invited for concerts to the best concert halls worldwide, where they take the audience to the wonderful musical excursion to beautiful Georgia.


In the Georgian music workshops, all participants of the festival, as well as outsiders, can take part for free (people willing to take part in workshops, please concact  with organisers before them, on


For people who can not come to Kamchia, it is planned to conduct an online broadcast of the workshops - the exact date and time will be given on the facebook page in the first half of July.


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