20-30 JULY 2020 · Bulgaria · ONLINE!

International Choral Festival "Together in XXIst century" at the Black Sea

General information


International Creative Meeting ‘Together in the 21st Century’ invites choral, theatre and dance groups, vocal ensembles and soloists, beginner artists and photographer-artists, amateur song writers, and also young poets from Bulgaria and from near and far foreign countries.

The following entities can participate in the Festival:

  • CHOIRS: child, teen, youth, professional, folk, veteran, school, student, amateur choirs. Number of performers: at least 16 people in choirs, from 2 to 16 people in ensembles. In youth choirs young people aged 16-28 years are allowed to participate.
  • SOLOISTS (vocal): classical, folk music, jazz, pop singing, patriotic and original song (specify the presence of concertmaster. It is permitted to use accompaniment phonogram minus leading voice, with back-vocals).
  • DANCE ENSEMBLES: classical ballet, folk dances (the presence of accompanying instrumental group is permitted), pop and ballet dance, contemporary dance, pantomime and modern dance. SOLOISTS (and duets) in all above-listed categories.
  • INSTRUMENTALISTS (ensembles and soloist) No restrictions (specify the presence of concertmaster).
  • THEATRE GROUPS: drama, music, мodern, original song, original genre, etc.
  • ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS (for exhibitions both originals and their copies or photocopies shall be accepted)

General programme of the Festival

  • Days of participating countries with the study of their creativity and traditions;
  • Concerts in Kamchia, at prestigious venues and in the Cathedral of the City of Varna;
  • Rest at the sea, on great sand, flat beach (you can go 50m towards the sea in the water)
  • Rest in swimming pools, space simulators, games and sports, health-improving procedures.
  • Group, individual master classes on the exchange of repertoire (rehearsal technique, concert practice);
  • Work in the workshop choir and in common dance numbers;
  • Creative workshops, lectures, round tables of choirmasters, choreographers, teachers, writers;
  • Competition of soloists (vocalists and instrumentalists), including "Stars of Kamchia" competition hold under the sign of UNESCO
  • Exhibition of paintings, photographs and products of folk art 
  • Entertainment programs for children and adults, sauna, bowling;

For organizing excursions in Varna, Nessebar, Sozopol, other cities on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, as well as boat trips on the river Kamchia - for an additional fee. It is necessary to inform in advance!

There is a possibility to use professional recording studio that takes place at the festival venue (price to negotiations, application must be sent in advance).

Artistic programme for choirs and vocal ensembles

Choirs should perform a program with sound duration of minimum 15 minutes, with free program.

To take part in the competition, the following should be presented in program: 

  1. minimum one work in Russian or any other Slavic language
  2. sacred work of Slavic author or 1-2 sacred works of an author from the country participating in the festival
  3. a work of contemporary composer of the country which the choir represents
  4. free works at your own choice;
  5. for folk choirs – minimum 2 works of the folk music of the own country. 
  6. at least 2 works should be without accompaniment.

If desired, the choir can perform an own program of not more than 1,5 hours. This must be stated in the application to determine the program of the festival.

All participants (in the choral category) shall be awarded Diplomas of Participants and commemorative awards.


Children up to age of 3 years - free of charge
EUR 16 per day  for children from 4 to 7 years
EUR 32 per day  for children from 8 to 18 years
EUR 42 per adult (from 18 years up).
reductions for seniors (on the basis of any valid retirement document)

The value of the amount paid includes:

  • accommodation in comfortable rooms for 3 to 4 individuals (for directors – double room);
  • three meals in a restaurant (full board);
  • swimming pool and training hall in Longoz Hotel
  • visit to the planetarium and Space Center;
  • playgrounds;
  • emergency medical care, if necessary.

Registration fee for groups - EUR 30 per every festival participant, as part of the payment described above.

Registration fee for young vocalists competition - 30EUR.


Bank information:

Sanitation and Health Complex ‘Kamchia’ EAD INTERNATIONAL ASSET BANK AD CENTRAL 

BRANCH No: 81-83 Todor Aleksandrov Street 


Payments in EUR: IBAN: BG64IABG80981401526402 

Payment: money transfer in the bank. If payment is made in cash – it is permitted to pay in cash only up to BGN 15 000. 
In the Republic of Bulgaria it is prohibited to pay in cash an amount greater than that specified.



Applications to participate in the Festival will be accepted by form (Annex 1). To the application the following should be attached:

  1. information about the group (biography) and about the art director – up to 1500 characters (link to updated choral profile in choral portal is accepted)
  2. color digital photo of the group and photo of the art director;
  3. CD, DVD or link to YouTube or other website with recording of the group;
  4. program of the group, indicating the time of sounding of each work;
  5. concert program for Gala-concert (20 minutes);
  6. copy of the payment order for payment of the advance amount.

Application form for participation in the festival and in soloist competition, Stars of Kamchia cometition and Biser Kirov competition are available in Contact page.


  • State flag of the country participating in the festival and (or) flags for each participant (for official events). National costumes (or one form) for the parade of participants are welcomed. Poster is also welcomed (in electronic format, without specifying dates, to be sent to the Organizing Committee of the Festival latest until July 31, 2014 inclusive). 

  • Every participant must have medical insurance for his stay in Bulgaria. Each child is also required to submit a medical certificate that the child is not in contact with infected patients. Sanitation and Health Complex ‘Kamchia’ the Medical Complex ‘ZDRAVETS’ equipped with the latest world achievements in the field of medical equipment, physiotherapy and treatment is situated in the area of the venue.

  • If visas are required for the countries participating in the festival, the host country will provide an invitation to ensure issuance of visas for Bulgaria.

  • Each adult participant must sign a declaration of consent to comply with the rules for living in the complex and the requirements of the festival.

  • The Festival manifests ideas of friendship and cooperation between peoples, exchange of cultures and traditions. Any statements showing disrespect and conflicts on a national basis shall automatically lead to disqualification of the group. 


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