20-30 JULY 2020 · Bulgaria · ONLINE!

International Choral Festival "Together in XXIst century" at the Black Sea


Concert of "Together in 21st century" festival participating choirs in the Varna cathedral

Kirilica Choir, Kaliningrad, Russia

A wonderful concert with church music was performed today by choral collectives "Liya-Chukarliya" from Moldova and "Kirilica" from the Russian city of Kaliningrad. They sang in the Cathedral "St. Assumption Bogorodichno "in Varna in the Old Slavonic and Moldovan languages. The concert began right after the Sunday Liturgy and the temple was full of people. Many of the believers and guests expressed their gratitude and congratulated the singers for the exciting performance.

The brilliant part in the largest archdiocese - the church in Varna is part of the last day of the X anniversary festival "Together in the 21st Century", organized by the Fund "Sustainable Development of Bulgaria" and sanatorium and health complex "Kamchia". "The Youth Chamber Choir" Cyrillic "at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the westernmost Russian city of Kaliningrad is occupied with the study of church music and all directions of choral singing", says the head of the choir Marina Bukova. She added that the choir "Cyrillic" participated in the liturgy with the All-Russian Patriarch Kirill, and the children's choir sang with Patriarch Alexei II at the church.

"The interesting name" Cyrillic "came by itself - we love it, it has a varied meaning, but always positive," Bukova added. During the festival in "Kamchia" young choristers met with creative individuals and teams from Moldova, Poland, Armenia, etc.., With whom to exchange experiences, ideas, notes for new performances, invited each other to visit. "Here we met warm, sunny and bright people," said another conductor.

Svetlana Evstratieva, artistic director of the music and choral studio "Liya-Chukarliya" from Chisinau, said that the school was established in 1973 and next year it is preparing to celebrate its 45th anniversary. In "Kamchia" the studio presented itself with its ensemble performing characteristic Moldovan folklore music, after which the youth became the favorites of the public and received many awards.

"The festival" Together in the 21st century "is sunny, kind, bright and clean," commented the choir director. Later in the evening, the Festival "Together in 21 Candles" will be closed by the best performances of collectives and performers.

The tenth anniversary edition of the international festival "Together in the 21st Century" was attended by singers, musicians, choirs, photographers, writers, composers of the 12 states of the world - Russia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Poland, Georgia, Israel, Romania, Lithuania, Ukraine etc. scene "Kamchia" Professional manifested anasambl folklore, Dobroudja "Georgian choruses" unison "with the head and Zurab Givi Baguradze and" Shvidkatsa ", with the head and Nicoloz Kirvalidze Davit Nozadze, the Moldovan" Rhapsody "Natalia Barabanschikova Polish choir of Musical School after Czesław Niemen "Canto", with the head Marian Szczepański and Musical School "ASBeek" from Płock, directed by Andrzej Sitek. Together with them in Kamchia there were also two of the famous Polish conductors - Barbara Gajek-Kraska from Zabrze and Agnieszka Jochymek-Trela ​​from Kraków. They joined the Armenian conductor Narine Davtyan. Also the master class was conducted by the world-famous Georgian conductor Kakhaber Onashvili - the head of the Male Choir "Mdzlevari", the creative director of the festival "Together in the 21st Century". Concerts took the singer and actress from St. Petersburg Alena Bikkulova and the Israeli actress and writer Anastasia Zabrodina. A great Russian actress, screenwriter and director Natalya Bondarchuk conducted a creative meeting with the participants and a screening of a children's film shot in Kamchia. There was inspiration in Yerevan composer Arsen Harutyunyan, and the guests were impressed by the beauty of Armenia, sealed in photos Edgar Martirosyan and flavor typical of folk ornaments authors Sergei Abovyaan Louise Badikyan e Silva Harutunyan.

For the first time in the framework of the festival was held the International competition named after the great Bulgarian artist and musician Biser Kirov. For 14 days in the "Kamchia" more than 200 artists from different countries worked together and got acquainted with the beauty of the state, language, music and its folklore, became friends with each other and feel that they - the people the art of the 21st century, the envoys of beauty and peace, Peacekeepers of our century.


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