20-30 JULY 2020 · Bulgaria · ONLINE!

International Choral Festival "Together in XXIst century" at the Black Sea


Announced Days of Festival from 20th to 30th of August 2020 are finished


Dear friends, participants of the Festival "Together in the 21st century" - 2020 online

The previously announced days of the Festival from 20 to 30 August 2020 are over. But fortunately, this year there are exceptionally many participants of the Festival, from different countries of the planet. Applications for participation were received until the last day of the Festival.

We feel obliged to include all applications received in the festival concerts. Therefore, we continue to publish and show your participation on YouTube channel and facebook profile

Thank you for such a talented and generous participation, for your trust and love!

Our festival proved how the ideas of peace, kindness, creative development and communication unite people all over the planet.

Our festival continues!


Organizing Committee of the Festival "Together in the 21st century"

Stanka Shopova - Chairperson of the Sustainable Development of Bulgaria Foundation and Head of the Together in the 21st Century Project


#ФестивалЗаеднов21век #ФестивальВместев21 веке“ #Togetherin21stcentury

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