20-30 JULY 2020 · Bulgaria · ONLINE!

International Choral Festival "Together in XXIst century" at the Black Sea


10-years-old Alexandra Iordanova from Moldova is the winner in the Ist International Competition after Biser Kirov

Alexandra Iordanova

The 10-year-old Alexandra Iordanova from the Moldavian capital Chisinau became a winner in the First International Competition after Biser Kirov - the brilliant singer, talented composer, musician, humanist, peacemaker and patriot. Alexandra won the competition and the hearts of the jury and audience with her beautiful voice and the power of her spirit. Her "Bird of Happiness", straightened up the hall. "There is a fragrance of sea, forest, music and friendship in Kamchia," said the winner after the awards ceremony.

The International Competition after Biser Kirov was held for the first time and its organizer and host are the Foundation "Sustainable Development for Bulgaria" and the Sanatorio-health complex "Kamchia".

"The aim of the competition is to popularize the name, creativity and the work of Biser Kirov, a great performer, musician and peacemaker, and naturally fit into the festival "Together in the 21st Century ". We hope that the first competition will cause many young people to study works and activities of Biser Kirov" said the creative director of "Together in the 21st Century" festival, Natalia Barabanshikova at the opening.

Natalia Bondarchuk, a world-renowned actress, scriptwriter, director and director of the International Children's Cinema School "Sergey Bondarchuk" in Kamchia, called for the hall to honor the memory of the giant of the spirit of Biser Kirov with one minute's silence. "He had a rare gift of uniting people, ideas and states, and that was so normal for him. He was a man of supreme culture" - said Bondarchuk. During the festival, there were also special speeches about Biser Kirov of the biggest names in world politics and culture, including Dmitry Medvedev - President of the Government of the Russian Federation, Vezhdi Rashidov - Minister of Culture of Bulgaria, Stanka Shopova - Chairman of the Sustainable Development for Bulgaria Foundation and others. The Bulgarian singer and actress Greta Gancheva has also welcomed the organizers and participants.

A special guest of the event was the wife of Biser Kirov - Mitka and his grandchildren. The archive footage shot with the legendary singer in Kamchia and the wonderful performances of the participants in the festival touched everyone in the crowded hall of the Longoz Hotel. Tears flowed not one face as the audience sang the eternal hits together with the participants.

More than 20 participated in the First International Festival "Biser Kirov". The performances of Sofia Azmanova - "I lechu nad rossey" and Anastasia Zabrodina from Israel, which presented in an artistic way "Mna mama quietly spoke" made an exceptionally strong impression. The piano accompanies Dmitry Marin from Moldova. The artist from Kishinev was awarded a special prize for his authoring arrangement of the song "Rain".

The authoritative jury was made up of Alona Bikkulova - singer and actress from St. Petersburg, Gancho Ganchev - artistic director and conductor of the Varna children's and teenage opera, Natalia Barabanshikova - head of the choir "Rhapsody" from Moldova and Daniela Stoycheva - actress, screenwriter and director Art director of Children's Theater "Art". The organizers of the festival presented for the first time a grand prize for contribution to the organizing and conducting of the festival of Natalia Barabanschikova.


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